I very rarely write letters to show my support for political candidates of any office. However, my strong , unwavering support for Keith Terry’s re-election to the District 65 School Board compels me to do so. I believe it bears reminding that this election is not is not a popularity contest, and it certainly should not involve collusion of any sort. Our kids are just too important for those games.

I have lived in Evanston for 12 years and all three of my kids attend District 65. What I have learned as a parent of elementary students is that consistency in education is critical, and turnover on the school board is not necessarily a good thing. What Keith brings to the table in this election is exactly that—consistency. As Board President, Keith has been responsible for handling numerous explosive meetings dealing with very sensitive subjects and throughout his tenure he has done so with patience, decisiveness and yes, consistency. As Board President, Keith does not favor one school over another, one subgroup over another, or one issue over another; he addresses all with the same level of vigor, motivation, competency and respect. As a long time resident of Evanston, and parent of former and current District 65 children himself, Keith is truly devoted to the kids in our district and retaining his leadership on the Board is absolutely critical, particularly in light of the remarkable progress the board has made over the last four years under Keith’s leadership.

Keith has a deep understanding of the issues facing our community and our children. Keith is skilled, intelligent, and absolutely committed to making our school district the best it can possibly be. He is also realistic about the challenges facing our district, and he does not make promises that cannot be kept. I ask that you please vote for Keith on April 5, and don’t forget to vote early if you will be gone for the election.  

Sheila Loop