Dear Editor, 

We are writing as an Evanston family in support of Richard Rykhus, candidate for the Evanston-Skokie District 65 school board.  Having had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Rykhus at a neighbor-hosted coffee and review his platform at his website, we find him not only well-qualified, intelligent and passionate about the needs of the District, but also someone with a plan for bringing accountability and openness to the school board. After further learning there are three vacancies to fill on the school board this coming election, it is clear that 2011 is a year in which each vote will truly count.  

As a parent in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural family himself, Mr. Rykhus knows firsthand the issues faced by our family, as well as many families today, made up of parents who love their kids deeply.  He knows the modern balancing act of having to work full-time to provide for our children’s physical needs while ensuring their educational and developmental needs are also being met. Anyone who is or was a parent will admit this is a constant challenge — whether your family consists of one parent or two, one child or many, with special needs or not.  All agree that good parents want what is best for their children. 

After having worked with the school board and gotten involved in several projects, Mr. Rykhus has bravely decided to jump into the candidate race and give his time and energies to create a better District not only for his son, but for our son, and the children of Evanston-Skokie.  During Early Voting through March 31st at the Evanston Civic Center or on Election Day, April 5th I urge my neighbors to make the time to cast their votes for Mr. Rykhus.  It’s one more way we can each be good parents.  For more information about his vision or general voter information, please visit his website at


John and Edward Chaplain