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            I am writing in support of Richard Rykhus’ candidacy for Evanston’s District 65 School Board. We all want schools of excellence for our children, but how we attain this is no easy matter. With the increased policy demands from national and state governments, financial strains from economic conditions, and the ever-changing complex community that we live in – our school board members need to be much more than well-meaning community members. 

            Richard Rykhus brings the professional knowledge and insight our Evanston Schools desperately need. He holds a Masters Degree in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern and is a well-respected education professional with Grant Thornton.

He is a person with the educational background and first-hand knowledge we need to guide our schools. 

Why is this important to us? First, educational policy is driving many decisions that local school systems need to make. Richard has the expertise to deconstruct complicated policy and always have the interests of children foremost in mind. Second, “data-driven decisions” is the new buzz word in education. Richard has the experience with using data effectively. He can make up his own mind concerning numbers and statistics without having it filtered by administration. Lastly, these are times when our resources are precious, in terms of both money and people. Richard Rykhus is a thoughtful person who can weigh options and make decisions that make sense.

 Richard Rykhus is a person of outstanding character who acts from a strong moral footing. I am proud to know him, and even prouder that such an outstanding individual is willing to work and strive for the benefit of all of our children.

 Michelle Gunderson