Jane Colleton, has been a continuous presence on SIT (ETHS School Improvement Team) for many years, I thinks she’s served since the committee’s inception. She is able to add some historical perspective that is quite valuable.  Her work is hands on and dedicated to the community/team effort to improve ETHS. She is an able listener to the points of view of parents, teachers and students and at the same time Jane knows her role as a board member is not to interfere or unduly influence the School Improvement Team’s process.” 

As a board member Jane is someone who will work diligently and effortlessly at administering that every student receives the best education District 202 has to offer.  She is about Change and restructuring education without compromising the performance of our highest achievers.

Jane’s passion for our children’s education is truly what a Board Member represents!

I Vickie Daugherty as a parent and member of the School Improvement Team wholeheartedly support Jane Collation’s re-election for another four years on the Board of District 202.

Vickie Daugherty