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Scott Rochelle is a serious minded young man and a product of our school systems. He has distinguished himself as a professional and as an example of the best within our community. He is a fine example of what to expect from our graduates. His experiences and knowledge will be an asset to policy making in our high school. He has lived through our systems and has flourished. He will be an example for others to emulate and respect from undergraduate education to graduate school and law school.

He is thoughtful and considerate and I know he possesses the ability to analytically and compassionately make decisions in the best interests of our community. His thoughtfulness will serve our school system and help to set the course for the future. His philosophy will serve the needs of all young people in our community.

Our community needs youthful results oriented professionals, like Scott, to focus our systems toward the future through instructional programming, keen evaluation, compassion for all and a sincere interest in serving the entire community. He needs your vote and we need his enthusiasm and love of community. 

George P. Mitchell