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Evanston Township High School is the undisputed heart of the Evanston Community and I welcome the challenge of upholding our rich tradition of academic excellence and working to improve the educational experience for all students.

I am a proud graduate of ETHS and the son of two Evanston educators. Needless to say, the value of education is engrained in my own fiber and has shaped me as a person and as a professional.

The Evanston community entrusts its schools to not only educate its children but to also prepare them to succeed well beyond the classroom. This cannot be done without (1) effective, data based policy decisions and (2) critical evaluation and intensive monitoring of all programs to ensure that the quality of education for all students is continually enriched. As a product of the ETHS honors program, I believe that we must continue to ensure a high level of instruction to all students without jeopardizing the integrity of our academic curriculum.

Again, I welcome the opportunity to utilize my extensive experience as an educational policy analyst and education attorney to provide a much needed critical eye towards the decisions impacting our educational system.

I hold a masters degree in educational policy studies from the University of Illinois with a concentration in policy analysis. Throughout my 10 year career in education, I have worked closely with leading educational scholars to develop and critique policy at all levels of education. I currently advise school districts on issues ranging from special education compliance, curriculum, and policy analysis. I continue to research and advise on issues related to standardized testing, effective classroom curriculum, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Most importantly, I work closely with schools to institute methods in which educators and parents can better collaborate to meet the needs of children.

I believe that the school board needs to improve the methods and frequency of communication to its stakeholders. In fact proactive communication must be a priority for the board.

Similarly, the transparency in which the school board operates is critical to maintaining the trust and support of the educational community. I believe the board must “show its work” to those who are entrusting the board to make sound, data – based decisions about their children’s education.

I am a proud member of this community and have dedicated personal and professional life to education. I feel that I am uniquely qualified to bring a fresh perspective to the Evanston School District Board of Education and I would greatly appreciate your vote and support on April 5th!