The Orrington Eagles (green uniforms) beat THBV’s in this game, on their way to a championship in the Boys 4th Grade division.

A record number of 59 teams competed in the 18th Annual March Madness 3 on 3 basketball tournament sponsored by the Evanston Recreation Department at Chandler-Newberger Community Center. Action-packed playoffs began the evening of March 18 and continued all day on March 19.

There were separate divisions for boys and girls teams for fourth through eighth grades.

Ray Doerner, program manager at Chandler, said, “We were once again able to utilize volunteer scorekeepers, students from ETHS and King Lab School, throughout the entire tournament.”

Winning teams and players for each division are: 

Girls 4th Grade: The Gleeks (Abby Osterlund, Hadley Bushala, Ella Kanter, Delaney Brooks) 

Boys 4th Grade: Orrington Eagles (Calum Mitchell, Ben Peters, Luke Agnew, Michael Axelrood) 

Girls 5th Grade: The Incredibles  (Amalia Loiseau, Maia Robinson, Ella Neurohr, Ariana Handelman) 

Boys 5th Grade: Bulls (Patrick Cogan, Owen Shapiro, Denzel Thomas, Hakeem Quadri) 

Girls 6th Grade:  Triple Threat  (Madison Dempster, Allysah Boothe, Amori Wool, Krystal Forrester) 

Boys 6th Grade:  The Untouchables  (Peter Osterlund, Montay Williams, Carlin Saint-Vil, Deshaun Smith-Elliott) 

Boys & Girls 7th/8th Grade: Shock  (Paul Cushing, Griffin Callans, Peter DeHueck)