Dear Editors:

I strongly urge all Evanston voters to choose my dear friend Jane Colleton for re-election to the school board 202 on April 5, 2011. Most Evanstonians who have followed the District 202 board over the last two decades have come to know Jane as a hard working, moral and smart board member who has only the best interests of ETHS students at the core of her heart.  Jane has fought for fairness, excellence, and fiscal responsibility.  Jane Colleton has irreplaceable institutional knowledge as a mother of four ETHS graduates, leadership in parent groups as well as being at the board room table for hundreds of tough decisions.  What many people may not know is how dedicated Jane Colleton is to always doing to right thing, and her devotion to children.  Her face lights up whenever she gets to engage a child as a retired Montessori teacher or simply a family friend.

Jane Colleton was an early  contributor and leader for many years with COE-moms and COE-pops which is a great all volunteer basketball league in which I had the pleasure to have been an assistant coach (for me only one season).  She also volunteers and is a leader at St. Mary’s Church. She helps out regularly with the task of putting donated children’s clothing into the hands of grateful parents in Evanston for the kids who most need a little help.  My wife and I have been honored to have Jane in our lives to help show us how to be better at being parents, people of faith and married people.

ETHS is lucky to have had Jane in leadership and I plan on giving her my vote so she can continue to do what’s best for our kids.


Richard O’Dwyer