As an educator in District 65 I urge you to vote for Jane Colleton for District 202 school board.

In our community’s search for new ideas to the challenges facing our students, Jane’s long experience on the board is crucial.  Jane has a unique understanding of the history and issues that our community and high school have faced over the years.  It is this knowledge of where we have been that is so necessary for successful plans for the future of ETHS.  

Jane has a lifetime commitment to our diverse community of young people in Evanston.  I have known Jane for almost 40 years and in that time I have been deeply impressed by her unwavering involvement with all of our young Evanstonians: teenage mothers, ivy league bound students, at risk youth, and award winning musicians and scholars.  Everyone matters to Jane and she follows up that concern with hands on involvement.  Formally, she has been involved with PTAs, the Picture Book Project for teen parents, COE POPs and COE MOMs, and 30 years as a teacher of toddlers at Chiaravalle Montessori School.  Informally she has mentored and welcomed into her home numerous young people, my own children included, who owe much of their success in college, as young parents, and young adults to Jane’s guidance.

Jane sets extremely high standards for behavior, civility, and scholarship.  She expects nothing less from each and every child, regardless of their circumstances.  Her interactions with students and her decisions on the board have evidenced this for over 20 years.

We are fortunate that Jane continues her commitment to our young people, even after many years of service to the high school. Our students and our community deserve her dedication and experience.  Vote for Jane Colleton on April 5th for District 202.  

Colleen Kelly