Jonathan Baum, Mark Metz and R. Scott Rochelle won seats on the District 202 School Board in the April 5 election, according to unofficial results posted by the Cook County Clerk’s office. Jane Colleton, a four-term incumbent came in fourth. Cherie Hansen was on the ballot, but had withdrawn from the race.

Mr. Baum, Mr. Metz and Mr. Rochelle will be sworn in and take office on May 2. The School Board will pay tribute to outgoing School Board members Jane Colleton and Mary Wilkerson.

During the campaign, Mr. Baum, who previously served one term on the District 65 Board emphasized his “historical perspective, as an ETHS alum and longtime community activist” and his experience as a “veteran civil rights lawyer” which he said “gives him a demonstrated sensitivity to the issues of equity facing ETHS.”

Mr. Baum is also the parent of three current ETHS students and a middle-schooler and as a result he said is “in touch with what is happening now at ETHS and have a deep personal stake in the success of the school.” He also said that he has a “K-12″ perspective honed by four years on the District 65 Board spent tackling the tough academic and fiscal issues both Districts face.”

Mr. Baum told the RoundTable, “I thank the voters of District 202 for their confidence in me.

On the Board, I will pursue the themes that resonated with them: challenging every student to his or her highest potential, giving our students a seamless educational experience from pre-K through 12th grade, and bringing greater transparency and responsiveness to the work of the Board.

Because better process produces better results, my first priority will be the last point. I know that I will find a broad consensus on the Board in support of these efforts.”

Mr. Metz, an incumbent, emphasized his “business and financial background” during the campaign and his “consensus building” leadership style. He also said he is “goal oriented and data-driven. I believe in clearly defined long-term goals, clear measurements of progress and Board action.”

Mr. Metz told the RoundTable “I am delighted to have been returned to the Board for a full four year term, and I look forward to working with the new Board on the substantive work of improving ETHS. We have a lot on our plates.”

Mr. Metz continued, “A few of the issues we will grapple with include continuing to work diligently to assure a rigorous, highly challenging experience for all students as we restructure the Freshman year; deeper and more effective collaboration with D65; upcoming negotiations with teachers; and a budget that will require us to find ways to do more with less as we strive to keep cuts away from students in classrooms.

I look forward working with Board members, new and old, on these and other issues.”

During the campaign, Mr. Rochelle cited his “extensive experience as an educational policy analyst and education attorney to provide a much needed critical eye towards the policies that shape the educational experience at Evanston Township High School.”

He also said he had have utilized training in educational policy analysis to work closely with education professionals at every level of education, including higher education” and that he had drafted a number of articles on the impact of diversity, standardized testing, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.”

Mr. Rochelle told the RoundTable, “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board and at the same time humbled by the tremendous amount of support that I have received from the Evanston-Skokie community. I have my work cut out for me as a new board member but it is a challenge that I am excited to begin.”