At another walk-through of the building at 1817 Church St., Project Manager Supervisor Walter Hallan and grants administrator Sarah Flax said they are looking for ideas for the future of this City-owned structure.

The building was originally a veterinary clinic and was purchased by the City in the ’70s. After use as a police outpost and by other various community programs the building was left vacant for more than a decade.

Ms. Flax said there was no viable response after the walk-through last year so they are looking for new possibilities for the property.

“Young architects come in and never come back,” Ms. Flax said, commenting on the state of the property. The building needs significant renovation and Community Development Block Grant funds would be available if it is used in a cultural capacity. “We just want to hear from people at this point,” Ms. Flax said. On April 26, the Housing and Community Development Act Committee will meet to hear any ideas on a use for the building.