Kansas City, here it comes: Google has selected Kansas City, Kan., to become a wired community. At Google’s expense, residences, businesses and city offices will be connected by high-speed fiber-optic cables.

Evanston, as well as many other communities nationwide, was vying to become Google’s chosen city. Unlike many other communities, Evanston made its case to become a Google city in an understated manner. City officials performed no exotic stunts or made promises of name changes.

On March 24 of last year, the City of Evanston and several of its community partners gave a public presentation streamed live online as to why Evanston would be an excellent fit for Google’s trial launch of ultra-high speed broadband internet. Video presentations from the City, Northwestern University, Evanston Hospital, and Evanston school districts highlighted in detail Evanston’s desire to have the entire City wired to high-speed internet.

At that presentation, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said the presentation was “to state our case to Google from Evanston, the ‘Most Livable City in the America,’ along with world-renowned Northwestern University, one of the nation’s leading high schools – Evanston Township High School, one of the nation’s leading high schools, an award-winning K-8 District 65 school system, nationally top-ranked Evanston Hospital, a vibrant business community and eagerly engaged residents.”

Now, with Google’s help, everything probably will be up to date in Kansas City.