Snow Job


I just wanted to thank the Evanston RoundTable for giving us such a laugh.  I have lived in Evanston since I was 3 years old and bought my house in Evanston. 

I love Evanston, but personally I have seen that the way this City is being run has declined over the years.  That is what made this whole thing so funny to me.  I thought it was kind of sad that we think so little of the people running our great City that many of us actually believed what was written.

Again, thanks for the big laugh.  It was really, really funny.  It never upset me. I just thought, “Well one more thing the people running this City are doing.”

You guys were great to think this up and it sure got a lot of coverage.

Thanks for the laugh.

— Oralia Martinez

Racism Among Us


Thanks for publishing the letter by John Tuzson in the March 30 edition, which erroneously states that the African American community only “celebrates sportsmen and entertainers.”

Did African Americans as well as other Americans not just celebrate and honor the life of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Mr. Tuzson’s offensive letter reveals the level of ignorance and bigotry that exists in Evanston, and it certainly shows the need for the City of Evanston and the community to publicly address racism in Evanston.

— Delia Davis

Leaving With Thanks And Hopes


It is with mixed feelings that I prepare to leave Evanston –Skokie School District 65.

I have learned so much about the time, energy and effort that goes into educating students. I would like to thank the voters for entrusting me with the education and the young lives of our children. It has been an honor and a privilege. I want to thank the principals and the teachers for their dedication and willingness to do whatever is needed for the children of Evanston and Skokie. I want to thank the Administrative staff for their innovation, their constant and continual efforts to maintain the district as one of excellence.

An extra special thank you to Pat Markham, our Board secretary for all her assistance and kindness. To Dr. Hardy Ray Murphy, Superintendent, I thank you for a job well done and for your team.  I thank you for your vision and your unrelenting commitment to and for a high quality education for all students. Thank you also, Dr. Murphy, for your ability and desire to work with Board members, knowledgeable or not, supportive or not, to keep the District moving forward.

I salute your 12 years of service to this community.

Four years have come and gone, and the issues and accomplishments for this Board are too numerous to list. I can emphatically say that our Board has been very productive, and there is much we can be proud of. The accomplishments have not come without hard work, challenges, some sadness and yes, some frustrations.

I have worked with outstanding Board members and know that I am leaving the Board in good hands. In closing, I would like to encourage citizens to get involved, to volunteer and serve on one of the many committees available in our great City. Your presence and your voice can make a difference.

— Bonnie Lockhart

Wishing the Best For Evanston/Skokie


Many thanks to all of the wonderful Evanston and Skokie residents who
supported me during my School Board campaign. Although losing the
election is disappointing, I remain extremely proud of my 20 years
of service to the District 202 School Board and the students, staff, and community of Evanston Township High School.

I wish the new and returning Board members, Jonathan Baum, Mark Metz,
and Scott Rochelle, congratulations and the best of luck in their new terms.

— Jane Colleton

Snow Job: Good Job


I am a faithful reader and need to tell you how much I laughed about the snow removal article – it was the best.   

Excellent job.

— Nancy Flowers

Great Joke


Bravo. I just read about the ruckus you seem to have caused with your hilarious April Fool’s snow removal article. We can only hope that this will be the last straw for all the humorless,  priggish Evanston faces who are making a stink about the article.  Fed up with all this unconscionable frivolity – on April Fool’s day, no less – perhaps they’ll move to a more suitably dreary suburb a few miles up the shore.

– Jim Morris

 Way Back When


I read the great article about the VNA this morning.  What a history.  It reminded me of the days I used to go to the hospital to stretch gauze.  Now that was real recycling.

— Reed Hagee