Patrick Hughes, president of Inclusion Solutions on Greenleaf Street, has been honored by the Points of Life Institute. Mr. Hughes and his wife, Kathy Tisdahl, attended the star-studded event on March 21 at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Mr. Hughes’s Inclusion Solutions helps individuals with disabilities to enjoy many of the same services that most people take for granted. Some products distributed by Inclusion Solutions are BallotCall, which helps disabled voters in the voting process; FuelCall, a device that can be used by gas stations to summon assistance for drivers who cannot reach or use traditional gas pumping facilities; and OrderAssist, found in several Culver’s restaurants.

The OrderAssist device alerts the drive-through attendant that someone with speech or hearing difficulties wants to use the drive-through menu. The driver rings the OA bell and is handed a menu to fill out. Big Bell, another Inclusion Solutions product, alerts business owners to customers who need assistance at the door.