At about 3:20 p.m. on April 14, Evanston police responded to a report of a home invasion in the 600 block of Judson Avenue. The victims told the police officers that four to five subjects had forced their way into their home. Once inside, the subjects told the victims “It’s a fire in back,” attempting to occupy and distract the victims, according to a statement by police. One of the victims said that one of the offenders began to rummage through drawers attempting to find items of value.

The police statement also said that one of the offenders then told the victims they needed money for drugs, and asked the victims if they had any money. At this time one of the offenders removed a small amount of money from the male victims’ pants pocket. During the commotion the female victim attempted to call the police, but the phone was taken from her and was rendered inoperable.

As the offenders continued to search the house for items of value, one of the victims was able to flee the house, flag down a passing vehicle and notify police. The offenders realized the police had been contacted and fled the scene. 

Upon arrival police conducted an area canvas but could not locate the suspects, the statement said.