Evanston Township High School’s girls track team did well at the 48th Vollunteer track event in Tennessee. 2,100 athletes competed at the University of Tennessee 2-day girls track classic. There were 601 teams representing Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Ontario Canada, Arkansas, and Illinois. 

This was the first time an Illinois team was represented at this competition. 

Four athletes competed in six events for ETHS – Alexa Bolden, Margaret Bamgbose, Danyale Griffin and Jahnell Horton. 


1st Place, 4 x 400 Relay (33 teams competed) (Bolden, Bamgbose, Griffin, Horton)  (3:54.97)

2nd Place, 800 meters (124 athletes)  Jahnell Horton (2:15.08)

3rd Place, 300 Hurdles (34 athletes)  Margaret Bamgbose (44.27)

3rd Place, 4 x 200 Relay (39 teams competed ( Bolden, Bamgbose, Griffin, Horton)  (1:42.1)

5th Place, 100 meters (91 athletes)  Danyale Griffin  (12:32)

7th Place, Long Jump (44 athletes)  Amber Bolden (16.1)