Two young males, one 17-years old and the other a juvenile, were arrested and charged with two counts of felony home invasion, in connection with an alleged attempt to enter a home in the 2100 block of Ewing Avenue on April 29 at about 6:30 p.m. 

The victims, a man and a wife, told police that two unknown persons knocked on their front door and asked where they might locate a certain individual, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer for the Evanston Police Department. The victims and the two persons had a brief conversation about this hypothetical individual and presumed address, and the two persons left, said the Commander. 

A short while later, the victims heard another knock at the door and observed the same two persons, said the Commander. One of the persons said they could not locate the house they were looking for; and one asked to use the victims’ bathroom, but was refused entry. The victims told police that one of the persons then produced a handgun and told the victims to “get back inside,” said the Commander. The victims reacted by slamming the front door, separating themselves from the offenders, and then called police, the Commander said.  

Evanston police conducted a search of the surrounding area, and detained three persons in the area of McCormick and Golf, two of whom matched the descriptions of the offenders and were later identified as the offenders. At the time of this street stop, the offenders were not in possession of a handgun. 

Police began to canvas the area in an attempt to locate the handgun. While conducting this canvas, police located additional clothing matching that of the offenders, said the Commander. With assistance from the Skokie Police Departments K-9 Unit, they located the handgun, he said. 

Furthering this investigation, Juvenile Investigators conducted offender interviews, while Evanston Evidence Technicians collected physical evidence. As a result of these collective efforts, Juvenile Investigators contacted the Cook County State Attorney’s Office, who was then apprised of all the pertinent facts in this case. After so being informed the below listed charges were approved.