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Are you surrounded by too many things in your home?  Are you running out of space?  Do you wish for more light and air?

Young families can often feel overwhelmed with clutter in their daily lives. Older folks may be afraid to discard anything, cautioning “We may need it next week.”  How do we slip into those traps?

One danger is leaving things out and forgetting to put them where they belong – on hooks, in dresser drawers, by the washing machine and more.  They pile up in short order or get lost and need replacement.  Storing them becomes a growing job.

Clutter is also caused  by what we call “Depression mentality.”  Fear about losing one’s possessions goes back to the dark days of the Great Depression, which still haunts many seniors. It can also affect people of any age. Reluctant to part with anything, they push the extra table into the corner, while out-of-date newspapers pile up along the wall.  Clothing is crammed into closets and often forgotten.

How can we cope with clutter?  Here are a few ideas: Set a goal for yourself.  Some samples:

• Toys and games: picked up and complete

• Kitchen cleanup: extra implements, pots and pans given away or sold

• Unwanted clothing: set aside for rummage sale

• Extra furniture: offered to newlyweds

• Old books and magazines: given to local library

• Old newspapers: sent to recycling (admitting to yourself that you’ll never read them)

• Buy only what you need: When purchasing any new item, planning how it will fit into your home and whether you then need to discard anything as a result.

• Ask for cooperation from others in your household.  This is essential for your venture to succeed.

Good luck in your effort. It is bound to give you not only peace of mind, but more space in your home.