-A just person breathes evenly, sleeps deeply and meets others’ eyes unflinchingly.

– A just person can place the truth of self in God’s presence and feel at home.

– A just person is neither myopic nor a weakling since justice demands clarity, wide vision, courage and, always, honesty.

– It is a symptom of our humanness that we hunger for and need to seek justice. That will not be necessary on the other side of time.

– Justice by nature is reasonable but not necessarily fair. Nor should it be blind, especially to bias and untruth.

– There is no one among us who does not deserve justice, nor anyone who has any right to be unjust to any other.

– Justice and law are not the same. Justice sees only itself in any mirror while law sees a tangle of meanings and manipulations. Justice either is or is not; law is a chameleon and can be soft putty for the causes of the unjust.

– Justice should be both foundation and capstone of any society.

– Honesty tells the truth; justice lives it.

– Chaos may be defined as a system without laws, but ultimate chaos is life without justice.

– Justice at times is not easily met but once known becomes a kind, if demanding, friend. Whoever walks with justice will never demean others.

– Justice requires wisdom, many times even more than facts.

– Injustice, despite its many disguises, has a bitter taste – and an odor all its own.

– Justice was never meant to be a narrow path; its way should be as wide as the world and every human heart.