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On April 26, it became easier for drivers with disabilities in the Evanston/Skokie area to get gas at the pump, as well as food and drink.

Evanston-based Inclusion Solutions announced the newest installation of FuelCall at the BP service station on Dempster Street at McCormick Boulevard; it is the first station in Skokie to install FuelCall to assist drivers with disabilities. The Shell station on Oakton Street near McCormick Boulevard also has FuelCall.

FuelCall provides for drivers with disabilities a simple way to communicate the need for service at the gas station. (The Americans with Disabilities Act requires gas stations to offer such help for any driver with a disability placard or license plate.)  Drivers needing help at the pump include veterans wounded in action, older citizens who drive but have difficulty standing or walking, and temporarily disabled drivers recovering from operations.

Felicia Campbell, manager of the newest BP to install FuelCall, said, “In the first week we had six new customers. Several were older adults who asked us for help unscrewing the gas cap; one was a mom with a new baby who was grateful we could help without her leaving the car.