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The City of Evanston’s three downtown parking garages are set to get much needed repairs starting in July as part of the 2011 Comprehensive Parking Garage Repair Project. The repairs were targeted as a result of a 2009 comprehensive analysis where in some cases some repairs and upgrades had not been made for nearly twenty years.

General contract for bids went out in mid May and work will begin in July on the Church Street, Maple Street and Sherman Avenue garages after a contractor has been chosen. Although there may be some minor delays and inconveniencies, the parking garages will remain open during the repair process and will not affect permit parking.

The project was part of the 2011 Capital Improvement Program and will cost about $2.1 million. The work to be performed falls into six categories:

1. Structural (concrete repair, rusting structural elements, expansion joint replacement, etc.);
2. Waterproofing coating (traffic membranes, etc.);
3. Mechanical (exhaust fans, dampers, etc.);
4. Electrical;
5. Plumbing; and
6. Fire protection (dry pipe system, alarms, etc.).