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The Evanston Police Department has been selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to conduct a series of traffic enforcement campaigns for fiscal year 2011, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer of the Evanston Police Department. The purpose of these enforcements is to reduce the incident of motor vehicle crashes, and resulting injuries and fatalities, through increased highly visible enforcement mobilizations. The campaigns will emphasize the use of occupant restraint (safety belts, child safety seats, and booster seats), speed laws and impaired driving. 

This enforcement campaign will run from May 13 through May 30, 2011, said the Commander. Non-compliant drivers will be issued citations as visible enforcement programs offer the greatest potential for changing public attitudes regarding seat belt usage and child safety seats. 

Since the enactment of the primary enforcement law in 2004, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports that 90% of drivers are now wearing their seat belts.