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Over 300 attendees were on hand to honor the retirement of Major Alberto and Major Felicia Rapley from The Salvation Army on Saturday, May 14. 

Presiding over the ceremonies was Lt. Colonel Richard Vander Weele, Territorial Program Secretary. National Salvation Army Commissioners William A. and Nancy Roberts were also in attendance as well as Lt. Col. Ralph Bukiewicz, head of the Chicago Territory. The Rapleys have headed the Evanston Salvation Army for the past twelve years, culminating in a combined 74 years of service to the organization. 

Under the Rapleys’ direction the Evanston organization has served the Evanston community through summer camps, social services to assist clients with rent, utility bills and food as well as nursing home visits. After-school programs, chapel services and the annual open community Thanksgiving celebration were also part of their contributions to Evanston. They are particularly pleased with the growth of the congregation both in size and in their spiritual development.