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On June 2, in the early morning hours, the Evanston Police Department in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Division conducted a parolee compliance check, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer of the Evanston Police Department. This operation involved teams of officers and detectives from both agencies deploying throughout the Evanston community and conducting onsite checks of Evanston parolees, he said. 

The three main objectives of this operation focus on ensuring parolee compliance with their restrictions as granted under their parole, debriefing and gathering intelligence, and conducting parolee drug testing. If a parolee is found to be in violation of their parole status they could be taken into custody and returned to the Illinois Department of Corrections. 

“Today’s operation targeted fifty Evanston parolees who resided throughout Evanston,” said the Commander. “As a result of this effort twenty-seven subjects were taken into custody and brought back to the Evanston Police Department for processing. Of these subjects, two had outstanding arrest warrants. Three subjects were arrested for possession of cannabis and $15,000 in cash was recovered. Additionally, one subject was arrested on weapons charges, in which an M-1 30 caliber assault rifle was recovered.”