The Evanston Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of the community it serves. A large part of this community encompasses our youth and the need for watching out for our younger members of society. As a result of this safety concern for the youth in Evanston, a more restrictive curfew ordinance exists than in some other communities and is more restrictive than the curfew imposed by Illinois law. This was done as a step to keep our youth out of harms way. 

Summer break is now in effect for Evanston School Districts 202 and 65. This time of year attracts younger people to want to stay out in the nighttime hours past the designated curfew hours which is a violation of the Evanston Ordinance. 

To ensure compliance of the Evanston Curfew Ordinance throughout this summer, officers from the Juvenile Bureau, N.E.T. Unit, Problem Solving Team and Patrol Officers assigned to the Field Operations Division will be periodically conducting Curfew Enforcement Initiatives. These initiatives will take place on weekends and during designated weekdays specifically targeting curfew violators thorough out the City of Evanston. These areas will include, parks, beaches, downtown Evanston and locations where there is an increased volume of calls for disturbances. 

As a reminder, the Evanston Curfew Ordinance is listed under 9-6-1 of the Evanston City Code and is in effect from Sunday thru Thursday from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. and on Friday & Saturday nights from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m.  All teenagers and parents should be aware this curfew and that violations of the curfew ordinance will be strictly enforced by members of the Evanston Police Department. Parents along with youth violators will be fined if found to be in violation of the curfew ordinance. 

We ask for all community members to cooperate with the Evanston Police Department in keeping our younger generation in compliance with this ordinance which will allow for a much safer summer.