Student Maya Wellington shares her poetry with classmates at the Oakton Garden Poetry Jam on June 7.

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Young poets captured the attention of parents and faculty at the second annual Oakton Garden Poetry Jam on June 7. Second graders read their own poems, showing what they learned in writing, science and the edible garden. Oakton’s three educational programs were incorporated: General Education, African Centered Curriculum and Two-Way Immersion, which gave students opportunities to read poems in English and Spanish.

The night opened with students individually reading poems about fruits, vegetables, flowers and insects. Laughter filled the auditorium as students expressed opinions on fruits and veggies ranging from fondness, with “Strawberries” by MacKenzie Brewer to disgust, with “Zucchini” by Raphie Shurbet. Students then read about the bittersweet release of their classroom butterflies. Teachers Ms. Doyle, Ms. Bournes and Ms. Joseph also led a Q and A in between poems, where students gave definitions of poetry elements; such as alliteration, imagery, personification and haiku, which were all modeled in many poems.

The program ended with coordinator Ms. Doyle thanking the PTA for funding and planning the event; and everyone getting together to eat kale, kale potato chips, salads with chard, lettuce and arugula, all from the garden prepared by parents.