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An estimated 4,000 Com Ed customers in Evanston lost electric power due to the storm last night, and an estimated 1,200 still did not have power restored as of this morning. Several power lines were either blown down or knocked out by falling tree limbs, said City officials. 

The City reported that significant power outages occurred in the following areas: Southeast Evanston centered around Chicago Avenue from Keeney Avenue north to Lake Avenue, extending 2 – 3 blocks on either side of Chicago Avenue; a cluster of approximately 200 customers in the 8th ward, generally located between South Blvd and Howard Street, Dodge Avenue to Asbury Avenue; a cluster of 835 customers in an area extending from Lincoln Avenue to McCormick Blvd, Golf Road to Green Bay Road;  a cluster of 135 units on Central Avenue from Jackson to Asbury; and a small clusters scattered around, including some in the downtown area and many involving multi-family housing.

The City reported that power was restored to many customers through the night and estimates that power will be restored to the remaining customers by mid-morning. The City also reported that while Com Ed power was out at the Levy Center earlier this morning, the center remained opens on generator and all classes and programs were ongoing as normal.

Update as of 3 p.m. on July 1

As of 3 p.m. on July 1, there were still more than 200 customers in Evasnton without Com Ed power, City officials said. 

On Central Street, Jackson to Asbury, there remained a cluster of 134 customers without power from a device failure.  ComEd sais a crew is working on the issue. 

At Emerson and Maple, there were 31 customers without power from a downed power line. ComEd has a crew working on the issue. 

In the area east of James Park (Dodge to Asbury, Oakton to Howard), there are 76 customers without power.  A crew is assigned but is enroute, and the specific problem has not yet been identified.  These customers are scattered, so it may be multiple issues. 

There are also multiple single customer outages scattered around the CIty, although they are generally on the east side of town.