Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement on July 8 after the Department of Labor reported that the economy added 18,000 jobs in June and unemployment rose to 9.2 percent: 

“The President said what matters most to people is economic security which can only be achieved through jobs and paychecks for American families. The simple fact is that jobs equal deficit reduction. Americans with a job are able to purchase goods and services as well as contribute to the Treasury with their tax dollars.  It is not a lack of confidence that keeps business from hiring – it is lack customers.  With large corporations sitting on two trillion in cash and access to credit markets, the last thing they need is more tax breaks. 

“The Republican singular focus on debt reduction has brought no job creation and has taken us in the wrong direction. Their budget policies will take jobs away from teachers and firefighters, construction workers and nurses, medical researchers and small business owners.  Their plan will put more people out of work.  

“Today’s disappointing numbers show that the recovery is fragile and that the type of spending cuts being pushed by Congressional Republicans would be devastating. They are the wrong policies – and they must be rejected.”