Students from the Center for Talent Development take a break to pose as RoundTable readers.

A group of young students from Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development (CTD) program visited the Evanston RoundTable newspaper office for a field trip on July 12. The kids had questions prepared for the writers. Pencils and notebooks in hand, the children jotted down notes. 

The Center for Talent Development (CTD) is a program that helps students learn in a fun way. The CTD journalism students said that “it is never boring and [it] helps develop talents.” CTD offers classes about topics such as genetics, how things work and comics. Every class is created to help develop more knowledge in that subject. In the journalism class, students get a chance to hold interviews and write stories. It was the Journalism CTD class that visited the Evanston Roundtable on July 12. 

The CTD students asked many questions, including ‘why do you like journalism?’ Editor Mary Helt Gavin answered “because we love writing, learning new things and getting new challenges.” The students learned about the different parts of a newspaper, skimmed through articles, and met the whole staff. 

The students got the chance to tell the Evanston Roundtable about the home-made headlines they created in class. Some examples are: “Chi Ching in the Flowerpot,” “Cow or Clown,” and “Cat or Thief.” 

Later that day, the CTD campers divided into three groups to write about what they learned, what they do at CTD and about the field trip. Two of the groups worked on news writing, while the third worked on writing photo captions. 

Right before the CTD campers said their goodbyes and thanked the staff, they learned how to put a photo on the Evanston Roundtable web site. 

“The Evanston RoundTable is a paper we’ll remember,” one student wrote.