School District 202 Superintendent Eric Witherspoon has realigned the responsibilities, supervisory and reporting relationships of some administrators at Evanston Township High School, he says, because of an “evaluation of staff strengths” and a couple of key resignations

In a telephone interview, Dr. Witherspoon told the RoundTable that Dr. Diep Nguyen, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, will now be responsible for all federal program reporting, development and research connected to new scheduling and grading programs, and management of a “critical friends” process related to the Freshman Humanities Program, among other duties.

Day-to-day management of department chairs and curriculum development continues under the direction of Associate Principal Peter Bavis, who will now report to Assistant Superintendent/Principal Oscar Hawthorne.

While former literacy coordinator Regina Armour, who resigned earlier this year, reported to Dr. Nguyen the literacy coordinator position will now report to English Department Chair Mark Onuscheck..

Marcus Campbell, previously academic supports coordinator will now have expanded responsibilities as director of student support and equity programs in the wake of Chala Holland’s departure earlier this summer for a position as assistant principal at Oak Park River Forest High School, according to OPRF’s website. Some of her other duties, Dr. Witherspoon said, will be assumed by Alison Hart in her new role as director of the Academic Intervention Team, which in part provides intensive support to a group of about 200 students most in need of assistance.

“We have had a year to assess the strengths of our staff,” Dr. Witherspoon told the RoundTable, “and can now realign our resources and draw on the best of peoples’ abilities.”

District 202 Board President Mark Metz, also told the RoundTable that, although he regrets Ms. Holland’s departure, he believes that the “silver lining” is that now the District will be able to make the work associated with academic support and equity the responsibility of a broader spectrum of individuals.

Dr. Witherspoon said a final organization chart will be available later in the summer.