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Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre’s Summer 2011 Dramatic Reading Series will focus on the theme of “Family.” Thought-provoking plays written by three local women will be read weekends, August 6-21, at the Theatre at Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St., Evanston. Readings will be at 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. Admission is $5.00 at the door. 

 “Merc’y Rising,” by Gloria Bond Clunie, will be read August 6 and 7.
The piece follows Mercy Angel, a high school basketball star, who gets more than he bargains for after he jumps a fence to steal apples from physicist Dr. Keaton Beckman and his wife, Faith. The three characters are sucked into a vortex of physics, secrets, and personal ghosts as generations collide which could lead to tragedy or triumph. Clunie is an award-winning playwright, founder of Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre and playwright in residence at Victory Gardens Theatre. She is an Evanston resident.

“Selecting Memory,” a narrative by Tania Richard, will be read August 13 and 14.This is the story of second-generation Haitian sisters faced with the daunting task of packing up the childhood bedroom of their sister who passed away. As they face grief and mourning, emotions clash. Richard is a playwright in residence at Chicago Dramatist. She is an Evanston resident.

The series concludes with “Heat,” by Marsha Estell, on August 20 and 21. 1 front porch, 3 generations of women, 105 degrees. Estell is a playwright in residence at Chicago Dramatist.

Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre (FJT) is a municipally-supported theatre program. FJT features productions highlighting the Black experience. For more information, please call (847) 448-8254 (ask for the theatre).