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Forty mayors in Illinois, including Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, signed the following letter to the President and Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation urging them to overcome partisanship and address the debt ceiling now:

Dear Mr. President and Honorable Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation,

As mayors in the great State of Illinois, we have a keen understanding of our cities’ needs. Both cultural and economic hubs, cities are vital to our state’s success. Our residents depend on us for core services such as police and fire protection. Our businesses depend on us to provide infrastructure to allow them to move their goods and services.

However, we cannot provide all of these on our own; we rely on federal programs such as the Community Development Block Grant, Community Oriented Policing Programs, and Federal Transportation subsidies to help provide these much needed services. Our seniors rely on Social Security to make ends meet. As we listen to the discussion in Washington surrounding the debt ceiling crisis, we fear that all of this is in jeopardy.  

Failure to successfully moderate the discussion and bring both parties to resolve this crisis is unacceptable. It will cause grave damage for our cities — we simply cannot handle another recession. Instability in the municipal bond markets impedes our ability to build infrastructure and create jobs. Job creation, the top priority of Illinois mayors and Illinois businesses, cannot happen with such uncertainty surrounding the national debt. We cannot emphasize more how great the impact is for our cities and our State if youcannot come up with a solution. 

We are asking you to overcome partisanship with leadership and demonstrate to our country that Congress is focused on stabilizing our markets. We are asking you to help create jobs and ensure the success of our cities, our State, and our country. We are asking you to please address the debt ceiling now.