On Aug. 10, at 12:22 a.m., Evanston police responded into the 2000 Blk. of Howard Street after receiving a report of an armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. The driver told police that two men approached him when he arrived to make a pizza delivery in that block, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer of the Evanston Police Department. The driver said the men asked him if he had their food order, and thinking these were the customers who ordered the food, the driver began to conduct the transaction. 

One of men then produced a handgun and held it to the driver’s head, said the Commander. The second man then pushed something hard into his side, which the driver thought was also a gun. The men then robbed the driver of $260.00 in cash, a cell phone, lottery tickets and food, said the Commander. The two men then ran to a waiting white car, which fled the area.   

Evanston police began a search for the car, and a short while later officers located a vehicle matching that of the offenders’, parked in the 200 block of Richmond. Officers approached this vehicle, finding it occupied by three males and a pizza box in the rear seat. Two of the men were identified as the offenders and money allegedly taken in the robbery was recovered, said the Commander. A bb-gun was found in the car, he added. 

The three men, ages 17, 18 and 19, were all charged with one count of felony aggravated robbery, said the Commander. All three men are from Evanston.