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State Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston) has recently been named to the Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Energy Advisory Council as well as a new General Assembly Advisory Committee on Medicaid. 

“I look forward to further work on the critically important issues of alternative energy sources and public healthcare issues in Illinois,” Rep. Gabel said. “It is my hope that through our efforts we can encourage the development of offshore wind energy projects in Illinois and continue to look for ways to responsibly reform Medicaid.”

 Gabel was the chief sponsor of House Bill 1588, creating a state council to help determine the best areas for offshore wind development on Lake Michigan and to recommend legislation on how to best accomplish wind energy goals in an environmentally conscious manner. The measure is part of Rep. Gabel’s continued efforts to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels and explore the potential for alternative sources of energy. Rep. Gabel will be joined by representatives from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Power Agency, Illinois Commerce Commission, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, legislators and members of the public to prepare its report. 

As part of Senate Joint Resolution 35, Rep. Gabel will also be joining the General Assembly’s Advisory Committee on Medicaid. The advisory committee is charged with studying public healthcare and making legislative and administrative recommendations on Medicaid reform, the development of new hospital and nursing home rate methodology and planning for any future Medicaid expansion. 

“I am excited about taking a new role in finding ways to improve public healthcare and the environment,” Gabel said. “I am eager to explore these issues and offer suggestions on how we can make Illinois more environmentally friendly and provide high-quality healthcare to Illinois residents.”