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Max Goldsmith, 14 years, and some friends are trying to honor their friend Tristan Shambee, who died on Aug. 27 while swimming in Lake Michigan just off Gilson Park in Wilmette. Max knew Tristan from their time together at Haven Middle School and from playing soccer together on Team Evanston. Tristan was also 14 years old, and was scheduled to begin freshman year at Evanston Township High School. 

 “As soon as I heard the news of the tragic incident I was shocked,” said Max in an email to the RoundTable. “Right away I knew I had to do something to help his family out. With the help of my friends I ordered rubber wristbands in support of him. They are blue and orange, e-town pride, with white writing that say ‘RIP Tristan.’ I have been selling these around my school to raise money … I have had many kids purchase these bracelets and I have raised an impressive $400. … It would be great if members of our Evanston community saw this small sign of kindness and support and wanted to help the cause.” 

“No 14 year old boy should ever have to deal with the passing of a classmate,” said Daniel Goldsmith, Max’s father. “The day after, a group of Haven classmates huddled (Aidan Walsh, Mack Kirkpatrick. Max Goldsmith) and thought of how they could honor Tristan and deal with their tremendous grief. Wristbands seemed an appropriate way a large group of people could band together and heal from the pain they felt.” 

“Max’s vision is that not only will he raise money but allow this be a form to band, unify and heal the Evanston community.” 

Max and his parents told the RoundTable that they will give 100 percent of the proceeds to the scholarship fund set up by Tristan’s parents at Evanston Bank, and that they will absorb the cost of the wristbands. Interested persons may make a check payable to Max Goldsmith for $5, and mail to Max Goldsmith, c/o Daniel Goldsmith, Hub International, 55 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604, and Max will put a bracelet in the mail to them.

 A funeral service was held for Tristan on Sept. 1, and family and friends gathered afterwards at Fleetwood Jourdain Community Center.