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Katie Bailey, president of the District 65 School Board, announced today that District 65’s School Board is one of four recognized by the Illinois Association of Schools Boards (IASB) with the first annual “Governance Recognition Award.” The award was designed to acknowledge school boards that have engaged in activities and modeled behaviors that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education.

Ms. Bailey said, “It is great to be recognized for what we are doing. Last year we received high marks in the Illinois Policy Institute’s Transparency Project.  Our Board-adopted achievement goal and measures exceed what is required by the State and have been described as progressive and innovative.  This award gives us a chance to celebrate the work our Board is doing and gives us the opportunity to be recognized in this region and across the state as an example of good board governance.his is all very rewarding.”

Superintendent Murphy added that it is his “pleasure to work with a School Board that is a leading example of strong board-governance because good governance and strong leadership are important to the overall success of a school district. Congratulations to the District 65 School Board for doing what it takes to make a difference for all children in our school community.”  

The application for Governance Recognition asked school boards to explain how they are meeting the foundational principles of effective governance in the areas of adopting and communicating their mission, vision and goals, in having and implementing a superintendent evaluation process, for conducting regular policy reviews and maintaining an updated policy manual.  Other areas cited in the application were stakeholder participation in important issues ranging from the development of a strategic plan to the citizens’ budget committee, participation in state and local conferences sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Boards, and school board member orientation procedures.