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The City of Evanston is conducting an engineering feasibility study to identify a preferred alternative for an intermediate station along the CTA Yellow Line (Skokie Swift) service in south Evanston at Dodge, Asbury and/or Ridge Avenue. The city is encouraging residents to take the second online survey to state your preference. This survey will be available from September 16, 2011 through November 4, 2011.

Over the past several months, the three sites were analyzed to determine major opportunities and constraints associated with placing a CTA Yellow Line station at each location. This process was completed at the second public meeting (held on September 15, 2011), and resulted in a recommendation to continue evaluating the Asbury and Dodge station locations and a recommendation to remove the Ridge Station location from further consideration.

Factors considered in the recommendation to remove the Ridge Station include the close proximity to the CTA Howard and South Blvd. Station (within 1/2 mile walking distance from Ridge); potential impacts to the Oakton Historic District; traffic, operational and safety impacts on Ridge and other potential impacts resulting from a station at Ridge.

As we continue to evaluate the remaining two potential station locations, we are seeking public feedback on which alternative is preferred. On the following page, you will be shown an artist’s concept of the Asbury and Dodge station locations, as well as relevant data for each potential station, including construction and operating costs.

The City of Evanston would appreciate a few minutes of  time from residents to provide us with their feedback in the questions that follow. These answers will help identify the best location for a potential new station on the Yellow Line. Please note that no funding has yet been identified for the next of phase of this project, which would include environmental analysis and preliminary engineering and of the preferred station location.

If residents would like more project information, to be placed on our email list, or have a question or comment, they may submit it using the City of Evanston’s 311 system. Residents can also provide their email addresses if they would like to receive future surveys and questionnaires electronically. All answers will be strictly confidential.