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Today Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz released the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2012, which runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The total proposed budget is $251,378,096 which includes all funds and interfund transfer expenses.  The General Fund budget is projected to have $85,013,206 in revenues and $87,436,000 in expenditures, which produces a deficit of $2,422,794.  Click here for 2012 Budget and Transmittal Memo>>>
The annual budget is a policy document which sets the financial course for the city and defines the service priorities provided to the community. It is the culmination of months of effort by the entire city staff, as well as residents, to balance available resources with the actual and desired services required by residents, businesses and visitors.

“The national economy remains an area of concern for the city, as it impacts our local economy in numerous ways including employment, housing and economic development,” explained Bobkiewicz. “As such, staff has been diligent about monitoring expenses and revenues to ensure that the city remains fiscally stable in these trying economic times, while still providing core services in the most responsible ways possible.” 

The FY2012 Proposed Budget marks the third consecutive budget year that the city has facilitated a community budget process. This year’s process, called Engage Evanston, allowed residents to dialogue about community priorities and budgetary challenges, help shape budget priorities, and generate service change ideas that either reduce costs or enhance revenues to close the projected budget deficit. Residents were encouraged to participate in a budget survey and provide live feedback at two budget workshops.  

The FY2012 Proposed Budget includes many programs and initiatives to further the City Council’s adopted goals. Click here for adopted 2012 City Council Goals. 

The total full-time equivalent staffing level for FY 2012 is proposed at 785.42 full-time equivalents (FTE), which is a decrease of approximately 100 FTE positions compared to the 884 FTE positions budgeted in FY2006-07. This budget reflects net reductions of eleven full-time equivalent positions compared to the current budget year. In addition to the position reductions, there are several other adjustments to existing positions, which have resulted in some reductions in hours or transfers of duties.   

In addition to reducing General Fund expenditures, the FY 2012 Proposed Budget also provides several revenue enhancements including a 3% property tax increase and fee increases for Police, Fire and recreational services.