Evanston RoundTable writers, designers and staff garnered 15 awards in the “non-daily” category at the annual Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards dinner on Oct. 20.

Shawn Jones and Victoria Scott each received awards for headline writing; Margaret Tarr and Mary Helt Gavin each for a religion story; Ellen Galland for a business/financial/consumer story; Ms. Scott for a technology story and Larry Gavin for education reporting.

Bill and Elliot Burlingham of Burlingham Studios, who produced videos for the RoundTable, won in all categories for best videos.

Design awards went to Katharine Ade for best feature section, to Nina D’Agostino for best editorial pages and to the RoundTable for its website and for its design.

The RoundTable also received recognition for community service, and, because of the other awards received, tied for the Donald R. Grubb trophy as being the best non-daily in northern Illinois.