With the approach of Halloween, goblins and ghosts in Evanston (school children from districts 65 and 202 and St. Athanasius) will be collecting for UNICEF.

For more than 13 years the UNICEF effort has been a part of the annual Evanston Halloween celebration and to date has raised more than $50,000. 

Dr. Scott Hopf, who heads the efforts with the support of the Kiwanis Club of Evanston, indicated that the past donations have been so successful that Iodine Deficiency Disorder has been virtually eliminated internationally. 

Dr. Hopf said the new UNICEF project is directed toward eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. “When you consider that just $1.80 per person can save a child’s life, it’s not hard to welcome those trick-or-treaters,” Dr. Hopf added.