Bill Campbell and Lori Osborne led the fesitivities in the Oct. 15 voting sessions at the Century Cinema complex. Voting was also available at Evanston Township High School and St. Francis Hospital.Photo by Mary Mumbrue

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On Oct. 15 and 16, Evanstonians voted for their favorite ideas to celebrate the City’s sesquicentennial in 2013.
Their top 30 choices are as follows:

• Create year-round indoor/outdoor farmer’s market.

• Provide free wireless Internet access throughout Evanston.

• Make Evanston a truly bike-oriented city.

• Create a pedestrian/bikeway on Old Mayfair rail spur.

• Make Evanston an award-winning walkable city.

• Create urban farms in neglected space.

• Build a vocational/technical school with regional employment opportunities.

• Become one of the greenest cities in the United States.

• Promote responsible water use and conservation.

• Offer free community gardens, greenhouses and composting sites.

• Establish a comprehensive low-income health and wellness clinic.

• Consolidate City and Township governments.

• Provide universal preschool.

• Consolidate school districts 65 and 202.

• Keep the lakefront commercial-free.

• Expand residential urban gardening and composting.

• Allow free beach access for Evanston residents.

• Make District 65 and District 202 top school districts in the United States.

• Plant 2,013 trees.

• Develop self-sufficient and sustainable energy resources.

• Become a carbon-neutral city.

• Extend bike/walking paths between Evanston and Chicago.

• Increase energy efficiency in buildings.

• Establish branch libraries throughout Evanston.

• Establish a dental clinic for low-income families.

• Develop a co-op technical school for under-served youth.

• Institute Evanston community day of service.

• Bury all overhead utility cables and wires.

• Install permeable pavement throughout Evanston.

• Create a youth career and leadership center.