Alley demolition, underground utilities, paving, and tower crane dismantlement are expected to take place on October 31st. The alley will be closed for approximately one month. Davis St. will be fully closed from Judson to Hinman for one full week. The south alley entrance off of Grove Street will remain accessible to all vehicular traffic. The stages of the closures are described below. Please reference specific closure arrangements relative to dates.

Stage 1
Dates: Monday October 31st, Tuesday November 1st, and Wednesday November 2nd
Activity: Tower Crane Dismantlement
Tower crane dismantlement will begin on Monday morning, October 31st. Davis will be closed full-time (24 Hours) from Judson to Hinman, and the alley will be closed north of the Mather South property line. Davis will be open at the end of the workday November 2nd. All deliveries and truck staging will be taken from Hinman (utilizing the City of Evanston designated truck routes from Chicago to Grove) and Davis, and brought eastbound on Davis. Judson Avenue will not be utilized for access. The alley north section will remain closed for alley reconstruction.

Stage 2
Dates: Thursday November 3rd, Friday November 4th
Activity: Barrier wall removal on Davis and Hinman, Dock Dismantlement, and Site
rearrangement for new site construction. The barrier wall on Davis and Hinman will be removed and replaced with type 2 barricades. Davis will be closed from Judson to Hinman during working hours only for this work. The current north west-bound lane will be reopened after hours. The alley will remain closed as described above as demolition for the alley will begin the following week.

Stage 3
Dates: November 7th to approximately November 30th.
Activity: Site work in the alley, Davis and Hinman. The alley will be fully closed during this period for demolition, underground utilities, and repaving. Additionally full curb removal and replacement on Davis (south side) and Hinman (east side) will occur, and new sidewalks installed. During this period we anticipate Hinman and Davis to be publically available for use in the current configuration. The south westbound drive lane of Davis will remain closed for this work (as it currently exists), and the Hinman parking lane will remain closed (as it currently exists).

Stage 4
Dates: Approximately Week of November 28th.
Activity: Paving of Davis and Hinman.
Once curbs and sidewalks are completed on Davis and Hinman, Davis will be ground and fully paved from Judson to Hinman, and an approximate 3’ strip of pavement adjacent to the east curb on Hinman will be ground and repaved. Davis is repaved full width from curb to curb, and will require closure during working hours for the grinding and paving operation.

The contractor managing the temporary street closure and equipment mobilization is Power Construction Company, LLC located at 2360 Palmer Drive, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173.

The project is under the supervision of Power Construction for Mather LifeWays. The following representatives will be directly responsible for all aspects of the activities associated with the temporary street closure.

Questions about the temporary street closure can be directed at either of the two representatives below:

Peter Stearney, Superintendent: Power Construction Company
(847) 214-6716

Michael Carney, Director of Development & Construction: Mather LifeWays
(847) 492-7436

Questions related to this work should be directed to Pelayo Enerio Jr. (Jhun), Division of Transportation by dialing 311 or 847-448-4311