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More than 27 residents of The Mather in Evanston, will be honored in a Veteran’s Day ceremony at 2 p.m. at The Mather, 425 Davis St. These men and women served in various branches of the armed services and saw active duty around the world in various locations and engagements.

Guntis M. Aulis, Army, Infantry, March 1951 – February 1953, Germany

Bill Boyd, Navy, 1959-1961 stationed at Great Lakes

Thomas M. Cooney, Navy, CIC Officer, U.S.S. Albany

William M. Dickson, Army, 1945-46

Donald C. Farley, Jr., Army Airways Communication, Nov. 1942 – Dec. 1945

Albert L. Finston, Military Intelligence, Order of Battle (Captain) 1942-46, European Theater, U.S. Eight Corps

William A. Fisher, Navy, 1955-1957

Bob Gluckman, Army, two years active duty and three years of service while in medical school.

John Graf, Naval Aviator, 1942-45

Lucille Graf, Navy, Specialist X-2nd Class, 1943-46

Stewart Grill, Army, 1954-56

Lawrence Grubman, Army, 112th Cavalry, 1942-45, New Guinea, New Britain, Philippines, Japan

Richard Harza, Navy, South Pacific

Jack Holme, Navy (Canada), Atlantic naval convoy WWII

Peter Horne, Air Force, 1955-57, Florida (Tough) Airway 1st Class Captain, USAF Reserve

Jack Jadel, Army Artillery Officer, US/Korea 1953-55

Bert Keats, Navy, 1943-45, Navy V-12 Program

Glenn A. Keats, Navy, Lt. Comdr., 1941-47, U.S.S. Harris (APA-2), Naval Technician Training Center – Corpus Christi, Texas; U.S.S. Tarazed (AF-13) USN Air Station – Santa Ana, California

John T. Kelly, Naval Reserve (LT. jy), Supply Corps,- Harrisburg Supply Depot; Ships Parts Branch, Pearl Harbor

Robert Kiefer, Navy, Newport R. I.,Audio Visual Aids 1943-44

Captain Donald L. Kline, Army- Medical Administrative Corps, European Theater – Chief Personnel Officer, Medical Troops, Paris, France, 1944-46

Herbert Lesser, Air Force, 1942-47, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, Africa, India, Pakistan, China

David Markow, Army, 1940-46, N. Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany.

Ord Matek – Army, 2+ years, Europe

Bob Sankovich, Navy, 1963-66

Thomas G. Soper, M.D., Captain in Army National Guard, 61- 67, Discharged as Major

Lorraine Wattley, U. S. N. R. (Waves) 1942-46, Bloomington Ind., Lake Union Naval Training Station, Seattle Wash.