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Occupy Evanston, a coalition of Evanston residents, Northwestern University students and others, is actively seeking to grow. One member was handing out information leaflets in front of the Joseph Hill Administration Building on Nov. 21, and there are noon “assemblies” each weekday at Fountain Square.

According to the leaflet, the group is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, “the 99% protesting the increasing control of our country by the 1%. We all have either been directly affected or know people who have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, or otherwise suffered from our country’s economic disaster.”

Among the issues that concern this group are the bailout of banks that were “too big to fail”; a political system more and more controlled by the 1%; billions spent on wars and weapons that make the country less secure; the health-care system; fewer jobs, even after a costly college education; global warming and climate change; and corporate control of the mainstream media.

The group’s website, occupyevanston.com, lists activities and meetings.