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Evanston attorney and community organizer Jeff Smith and his supporters filed papers in the state capitol at 8 a.m. on Nov. 28 to place Mr. Smith’s name in nomination as a Democrat for state representative in the recently configured 17th Representative District. The newly drawn district stretches from Green Bay Road in Evanston west to the Tri-State Tollway.

Mr. Smith and his supporters collected more than 1,000 signatures of suburban voters, asking that his name be placed on the Democratic ballot for nomination for State Representative. The campaign, after checking addresses, submitted more than 900 signatures at the opening of filing at the State Board of Elections in Springfield and expressed confidence that the petition would withstand challenge.

“This effort was inspiring and unprecedented in recent area elections. With holidays looming, people had to drop what they were doing and go out in cold weather to explain to homeowners, commuters and shoppers why there was a race for a seat in a gerrymandered district that many residents still don’t even know they’ve been re-mapped into. … I’m lucky to live in an area blessed with an abundance of people with such values,” Mr. Smith said.

The period for filing nominating papers runs through Dec. 5.