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Theatre Zarko will present “He Who,” an original drama by artistic director Michael Montenegro, in early February at the Steppenwolf Garage, 1624 N. Halstead St. in Chicago.

“He Who” is the story of an enormous baby being cared for by four mothers who look alike and who may be aspects of any mother. Mr. Montenegro says of the piece, “With our work we try to speak to the deeper levels of ourselves. … We seek to incorporate imagery that resonates the way dream imagery does. Our work tends to be somewhat surrealist … receptive to the intangible, the ineffable, because that is where we can find the door to the mysterious. And it is precisely the mysterious sense of existence that gives us freedom by allowing our spirits to expand.”

Anyone who wishes to help raise funds to help get the production out of rehearsal and into the Garage can make a pledge at kickstarter.com. The goal is to raise $11,000 by Jan. 12. Pledges become donations only if the complete goal is reached.