Dale Leibforth (standing), AP mathematics teacher at ETHS, helps students in a support session for math.

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Evanston Township High School sophomores and juniors and their parents/guardians are invited to attend Pathways to AP Forum – Increasing Access and Success in Advanced Placement Courses. The forum will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 12 in the ETHS Auditorium, 1600 Dodge Ave.

The presentation will focus on access to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the supports in place to ensure success in AP courses, the importance of balance and well-being, the impact of taking AP courses on college planning and the influence of exploring interests and passions on career planning.

Dale Leibforth, AP mathematics teacher at ETHS, is coordinating this effort to increase access and participation in the school’s Advanced Placement program.  ETHS is building a framework to help ensure each student achieves success along the pathway to and during their AP courses. He says his vision is for all ETHS students “to challenge themselves to the highest level and stretch themselves in an area of their passion. When students are given the opportunity to take on a challenge, they typically rise to the occasion. AP courses offer one pathway for students to do this.”

 Guest speakers at the Jan. 12 event will share their expertise and a panel discussion will feature students, AP teachers, parents and school leaders.

 ETHS offers 24 Advanced Placement course options in six department areas;  English, fine arts, history and social sciences, mathematics, science and world languages. Such courses offer a deeper insight into the subject matter, and students are able to get a college-level experience in a particular discipline, potentially earning college credit. 

AP courses are structured to encourage profound discussions, problem solving, cooperation, communication, time management, deep-level thinking, critical writing skills, discipline and positive study habits. Several recent studies have shown that receiving good grades on AP exams significantly increases the chance for success in college.

“Colleges and future employers are looking for students who challenge themselves,” said Beth Arey, ETHS College and Career Coordinator, who is one of the presenters for the forum. “One element that is critical to this challenge is the depth of the student’s experience.”

All ETHS sophomores, juniors and their parents and guardians are encouraged to attend the Jan. 12 Pathways to AP Forum. Interested families may contact Dale Leibforth at Leibforth@eths.k12.il.us or 847-424-7117 ext. 8140.