Sanitation Fees

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Parking Meter Increases Effective February 1, 2012
Ordinance 114-O-11 will increase parking meter fees will increase by $.25/hour for meters with max time limits of 2, 3 & 4 hours as well as increasing the remaining meters by a commensurate amount. The fee change is proposed to take effect on February 1, 2012. This was introduced at City Council on December 12, 2011 with expected approval on January 9, 2012.

The city has very few 20 minute and 30 minute meters and the impact of these changes to the budget and the user is minimal. Longer term meters impact employee and commuter parking and the city also has considerably fewer meters in this category than in the two hour zones. See fee structure and ordinance here>>>

Sanitation Service Charge Increases Effective February 1, 2012
Ordinance 109-O-11 will increase the sanitation service charge per unit fee structure to $7.95 for a 65 gallon cart, $14.95 for a 95 gallon cart, and $7.95 per unit for the City condo program and to increase the additional cart fee to $7.95 per cart. This ordinance was introduced at the November 28, 2011 City Council meeting and was approved on December 12, 2011. See fee structure and ordinance here>>>

The purpose of the increase is to encourage increased recycling and increase the self-sufficiency of the newly created Solid Waste Fund. All Sanitation fees are billed on the bi-monthly City of Evanston water bills. The fee structure is shown in the accompanying chart.