After three years of collaboration and elbow grease, Evanston Township High School has received national certification for its auto-repair technology program. The new auto-tech lab is state-of-the-art, thanks to contributions of ideas and hard work from local businesses and a generous $100,000 from the Owen L. Coon Foundation.

The program essentially offers the equivalent of AP (advanced placement) courses to students who wish to pursue a career in automotive technology. Students who complete the program at ETHS will be able to enroll in a complementary program at Triton College in River Grove, to be trained for a real job in the real world.

This program and its link to Triton is similar to the links ETHS has established with Oakton Community College in the areas of criminal justice and fire-fighting.

We applaud ETHS administrators, faculty and School Board, particularly Michael Wylie, Shelley Gates and Superintendent Eric Witherspoon; community partners Autobarn, Dempster Auto Rebuilders; and of course the Owen L. Coon Foundation for remembering Ms. Coon’s alma mater.

This is an investment in the community that will pay off for decades.