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At its last meeting City Council approved a $100 fee for a permit for moving vans to park on the streets of Evanston as people move in or out. Such permits, which are temporary “no parking” signs, have been required for years, but until last month they were free.

Now, instead of a friendly knock at the door from a neighbor with cookies and information about the neighborhood, new Evanston residents will be greeted by the City With Its Hand Out.

Anyone caught short by this news ought to keep a close eye on City Council (or read this newspaper more carefully).

This smacks of “free money for the City” by socking it to the residents once again. Imagine all the things that $50,000 – the maximum annual income projected from such fees – can do for this City. Now consider the kind of ill will this fee could engender.

Of course, a lot less money could come our way, since many may wish to risk the low probability of receiving a ticket and a fine for not having the permit.

We trust Council members will reconsider this ordinance. We would have said something while the ordinance was still under consideration, but we believed it would die its own natural death.

We were fooled.